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It takes approximately $70,000 every year to protect Ulva Island from being invaded by rats!

If you'd like to help the Ulva Island Charitable Trust keep Ulva Island free of introduced pests and predators and enhance Ulva Island for future generations to enjoy, then please consider making a donation.

Donation boxes are located at:

  • Post Office Cove (Ulva Island wharf)

  • Stewart Island Flights depot - Elgin Terrace, Stewart Island

  • Glowing Sky clothing shop - Elgin Terrace, Stewart Island

  • Rakiura Charters booking office - Main Road, Stewart Island

  • Beaks & Feathers booking office - Main Road, Stewart Island

  • Rakiura Charters - on the water taxis

  • Ulva Island Ferry - on the water taxis


or make a secure online donation at


​or make a direct bank transfer

please email us first to provide your contact details

and include your name as bank reference

03 1355 0557785 01

​or consider becoming one of our business supporters

All donations go towards enhancing and protecting Ulva Island

thank you

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